Friday, 21 August 2009

Blogs & Blooks

Complicated wording coming up!

On our journey for what is happening today, (rather than yesterday) people, (rather than books), become essential.

Yes we can learn a great deal about measurement, metrics and research from web pages and text books, but the field of digital marketing is ever-changing. I find that blogs are an important source of knowledge. There are many blogs, what I mean are the many blogs produced by professional researchers and analysts.

Here are the three blogs I like the best:

  1. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
  2. Brian Clifton
  3. Eric Peterson
The first one was even turned into a BLOOK (that is a word meaning book based on a blog) you'll find details of the book at the blog. The second one is also available as a book and Eric also has books. These blogs are the place where these experts sound out ideas, and those ideas eventually become books.

Many other professionals write blogs and many are linked to this LINK, just look under BLOG ROLL. Thought for the day: to keep up to date, keep in touch with real people.


  1. metricman, I am absorbing all this information, when my site is up and running i will be using all these relevant points. Do you have any other information or suggestions for a new website?


  2. In terms of research my suggestion is to do 3 things to a website from Day 1
    1/ Google Analytics to every page
    2/ A search box
    3/ Create several URL shortners and use different ones for different promotional activites. That way you can assess effectiveness of each campaign I will blog about URL Shortners soon. Keep watching