Thursday, 27 August 2009

Short URL Services

URLs (web addresses) can be extremely long! If you are not hyperlinked and can’t cut/paste then the web page may not be visited. People just can't be bothered to walk the walk...

To the rescue came organisations offering a URL Shortner service. There are LOADS of these services and they differ in many ways. You may have heard of the TINY service. For example click on this URL you will reach a fantastic book at Amazon, please feel free to buy it!

Do you see what I’ve done? I’ve changed the long 38 symbols...

to the short 20 symbols...

I can track how many people click the tiny link by going to the Tiny web site. (Click on the image to see it better)

Just to prove my point I did the same for so try

(Click on the image to see it better)

Take a look at many others at this link

URLShortner compilation

And now google offer one too see

Q. Why is this so good and why is it relevant to metrics?

A. Well there is no restriction on how many aliases I can create at for this one site or for others, and I can use the many other services too. That means I can use different URLS in different campaigns. If I am promoting my book on my business card I can use one, another as an email signature, another I can use in Blogs, another one on my TV ads and so on. This simple device allows me to see the effectiveness of these different modes. In metric-speak this is ATTRIBUTION. I can attribute actions to the initial web page that was served.

Do yourself a favour. Create 20 short URLs ready to use with different campaigns, but make sure that the service you choose allows you to track the visitor numbers. My favoured two are the ones above and

Friday, 21 August 2009

Blogs & Blooks

Complicated wording coming up!

On our journey for what is happening today, (rather than yesterday) people, (rather than books), become essential.

Yes we can learn a great deal about measurement, metrics and research from web pages and text books, but the field of digital marketing is ever-changing. I find that blogs are an important source of knowledge. There are many blogs, what I mean are the many blogs produced by professional researchers and analysts.

Here are the three blogs I like the best:

  1. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
  2. Brian Clifton
  3. Eric Peterson
The first one was even turned into a BLOOK (that is a word meaning book based on a blog) you'll find details of the book at the blog. The second one is also available as a book and Eric also has books. These blogs are the place where these experts sound out ideas, and those ideas eventually become books.

Many other professionals write blogs and many are linked to this LINK, just look under BLOG ROLL. Thought for the day: to keep up to date, keep in touch with real people.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Social Network Numbers

It is easy to be baffled by the number of Social Networks, so I was pleased to see a simple analysis in a UK newspaper (The Telegraph 6 Aug 2009 pg 3), I see they took the numbers below from the Ofcom Communications Market Report 2009 - that is a PDF file - well worth putting in your personal PDF library collection.

Here you go... these are user numbers at May 2009. Bear in mind that the UK population is 61million and London is 7.5m. Second Life really is over-rated!

Facebook 18.9m
MySpace 5.1m
Bebo 3.9m
Friends Reutd 2.7m
Twitter 2.6m
LinkedIn 1.1m
Second Life 59,000

These are useful figures but hide activity... how many of these are inactive accounts?