Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Social Network Numbers

It is easy to be baffled by the number of Social Networks, so I was pleased to see a simple analysis in a UK newspaper (The Telegraph 6 Aug 2009 pg 3), I see they took the numbers below from the Ofcom Communications Market Report 2009 - that is a PDF file - well worth putting in your personal PDF library collection.

Here you go... these are user numbers at May 2009. Bear in mind that the UK population is 61million and London is 7.5m. Second Life really is over-rated!

Facebook 18.9m
MySpace 5.1m
Bebo 3.9m
Friends Reutd 2.7m
Twitter 2.6m
LinkedIn 1.1m
Second Life 59,000

These are useful figures but hide activity... how many of these are inactive accounts?

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