Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Buzz Word Bingo

If we look closely we discover that the area of measurement in marketing is a fertile ground for people to throw in their new words to describe well established techniques. One I discovered yesterday was Synaptic Marketing, which defined is simply taking offline metrics and combining them with online metrics to fine-tune the offering. We shouldn't be surprised because this is, after all, the field of promotion and consultants deserve to give a snappy name to a technique they are selling. For the student this is a warning: there is hype-jargon and useful jargon, sometimes they switch position. One thing is for sure, this vocabulary creates a big distration from understanding the subject matter.

The only way to appreciate the jargon is to play a private version of buzz-word bingo. Circle words that are new to you, learn the meaning and build your vocabulary. You are learning a new language, but unlike French or German this is a fast moving language. Words come and go and meanings even change before your eyes.

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