Thursday, 25 December 2008

My man Vlatko

Today I've been happily reading a book on marketing metrics that everyone studying marketing should buy and read regularly.

Farris, P., Bendle, N.T., Pfeifer, P.E.  Reibstein, D.J   (2009) Key Marketing Metrics The 50+ Metrics Every Manager needs to know’ Prentice Hall, London 

There is a great section for online and web measures. Good because it blends in well with traditional advertising metrics.

My web master, for various web pages I have, made some suggestions on how best to convey the knowledge of web tracking to students and I will be following his advice. He is incredibly talented in design but also has such a wide knowledge. A thoroughly interesting and pleasant person. These are his words

"I think that the most important thing that they will learn is that "page views" are actually "pages with valuable content" (1st phase) and "visitors" are real people (2nd phase). If they only learn about the statistics data, they will have a distorted picture of of the life of some web site. Big numbers do not mean big profits."

very wise words.

Happy Christmas to all my readers



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